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Influenza can increase absentee rates within the workplace and put added pressure and potential stress on to non-affected colleagues.

Many organisations recognise this and therefore schedule workplace flu jabs as a precaution to any loss of resource throughout the year.

Our team of Occupational Health Nurses can provide a quick preventative measure between the vaccination season of September to December. The vaccinations can be administered within the workplace to prevent any disruption to productivity, or can be provided within one of our local clinics.

Your organisation will also have access to a dedicated helpline for any flu vaccination and post-vaccination advice.

Research by the International Longevity Centre UK (ILCUK) found that the vaccination helps prevent up to 626,000 cases of influenza per year in England and avoids between 5,768 and 8,800 premature deaths annually.

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Our services can form part of a long-term strategy to support your workforce in hazardous environments, or could be part of an ad-hoc request. Whatever your requirements our team will create and implement a plan alongside your HR and management teams to keep your employees in good health and mind.

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