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Absence Management

Medacs Healthcare understands that reducing sickness absence levels is of paramount importance to any organisation, especially when sickness absence is having a damaging effect on profitability and success.

With immediate access to occupational health clinicians, the key aim of our sickness absence management service is to identify the reasons for non-attendance, and to work in partnership with your business to combat and reduce absenteeism.

In addition, we will support your organisation and employees through the ill health retirement process governed by the Pension Plan Rules.

We understand that referrals can prolong the process. However, we have the facility to refer employees to our own absence management specialists who provide advice, support and treatment to achieve the earliest possible return to health and work.

Medacs Healthcare provides proactive case management to help reduce and keep sickness absence to an acceptable level.

Download our Absence Management Information Sheet

Sickness Absence Management - The benefits

  • Cost savings through less absence
  • Improved staff morale
  • Legal compliance
  • Increased profits and productivity
  • Reduction in staff turnover
  • Improved culture towards sickness absence

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