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Absence management

Managing without your key resource can be draining on fellow colleagues but also the productivity of the organisation and ultimately, your bottom line.

We’ll support your management teams in making evidenced-based decisions when a referral for absence occurs to ensure the correct support of your employees.  

You’ll receive a prompt response from one of our Occupational Health Advisors, who will make contact with the employee to complete an assessment. This assessment will collect further information regarding the absence to share with the HR teams so that they can make informed decisions on the course of the next action.

Whether the referral is relating to short or long-term sickness management, our experienced team of nurses and physicians will provide you with the tried and tested plans you need to build confidence in your management team.

Benefits of absence management

  • Cost savings through less absence
  • Improved staff morale
  • Legal compliance
  • Increased profits and productivity
  • Reduction in staff turnover
  • Improved culture towards sickness absence

Ill health retirement

Ill health retirement (or early retirement due to ill health) is when you leave your job before you reach the official retirement age due to a health condition or sickness. It’s a time that can be stressful for both the employee and the employer.

Our professionals will support your HR teams on the process for requesting and completing an early retirement case for an employee which is governed by Pension Plan Rules. We’ll also liaise with the relevant legal representatives to provide an evidence-based overview of the employees’ health history at work.

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