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Are you interested in becoming a locum allied health professional and a valued member of the Medacs Healthcare family? As one of the UK's leading locum AHP agencies, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service to all of our allied health professionals. Discover what our other locum AHPs have had to say about the service we provide and how we've supported them to deliver outstanding care.

Caren, Speech and Language Therapist 

Caren Testimonial

"I really appreciated the fact that when I spoke to [my recruitment consultant] Josh, he was very helpful. I said, I hate paperwork, I hate filling in timesheets, I hate being bogged down in all bureaucracy stuff. He told me not to worry. He said to email him my hours every week and he'd take care of everything for me. So every week without fail I dropped him an email with the hours I worked and he would reply to let me know he'd got it. He’s efficient and sent it in straight away. I’ve been paid on time every single time and I’ve really appreciated that service.

He didn’t need to be sat there putting my hours in, but he's made my life easier by doing so. I appreciate that aspect. He took away the stress and irritation of having to deal with that part of the system and managed it for me. That, I have to say was great. He’s been great.

If I said to him I’m changing my hours this week, he’s brilliant. He'll let me know when he's on holiday so I can send my hours to one of his colleagues. He’s been a great guy and that I think is lovely." 

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