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In Australia, Medacs Healthcare is the leading provider of medical staff to the public and private sectors. Our strong focus is on building direct relationships with both healthcare providers (our clients) and temporary and permanent staff (our candidates). We know it is our point of difference in the marketplace. 

As one of the few companies in Australia to provide national and international, temporary and permanent recruitment of qualified healthcare professionals to meet all facets of healthcare needs - from surgeons to medical receptionists - we believe we provide the most comprehensive solution available for health care staffing in the country.

We recruit both from within Australia and internationally. Our international candidates are recruited predominantly from New Zealand, UK and Ireland; but suitably qualified health professionals are also sourced from a variety of countries in the EU, as well as from the USA and Canada.

Working with Medacs Healthcare

There are many reasons why you should choose to work with us, not least of which include:

Our outstanding track record in medical recruitment
Medacs Healthcare has been in medical recruitment for more than 20 years and has placed thousands of doctors in Australia and New Zealand in public and private facilities. Our many success stories attest to our ability to provide a superior level of service to both our clients and candidates.

We are specialists
We are specialists in finding sourcing, recruiting and placing doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals in Australia and New Zealand.  We specialise in the recruitment of medical staff from the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe, Canada, the USA as well as specialists who have the experience and qualifications to obtain medical registration here.

As a result, we have intimate knowledge of the immigration and registration compliance for medical doctors who wish to work in this part of the world.

We are global
Medacs Healthcare in Australia is part of a global leader in healthcare staffing, Medacs Healthcare Group whose head office is in the UK.  Medacs Healthcare worldwide provides medical recruitment expertise and managed healthcare solutions to both the public and private sectors. A member of Impellam Group PLC, we were established in 1992 and have continually evolved our approach to staffing, developing innovative solutions to both permanent and temporary markets.

We are an AAMRANZ recruitment agent
This means is that you can demand and expect:

  • A high standard of ethics, probity and professional conduct
  • An in-depth understanding of medical recruitment issues and regulations
  • Confidentiality and privacy
  • A free service to candidates

Recruitment services

Medacs Healthcare is one of the leading healthcare recruitment agencies in the world. We supply the full range of locum, temporary and permanent healthcare professionals into the public and private sectors, and we've established a reputation for providing a quality of service and integrity that is second to none.

We've been in the healthcare staffing business for more than twenty years. During that time we've gained invaluable experience in meeting the unique challenges of the sectors we serve. Our success has come from the long term relationships we build with clients and candidates. At the heart of our approach is a genuine desire to give both an unparalleled service.

To find out how we can help you find the right candidate or candidates for you, email

Recruitment Processing service

Medacs Healthcare in Australia has been in the health care recruitment industry for more than 20 years. We specialise in placing local and overseas trained Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals into the Australian market.

One of the services our clients value most is the support we provide in dealing with the processing of overseas candidates. There are many stages in this process, including the search and selection of the candidate, the interview and offer stage, and without a doubt the most time consuming, labour-intensive stage – the process of gaining registration.

Medacs Healthcare in Australia has a fully qualified compliance team whose members are experts at undertaking the process. So we can offer a specific service to our clients who only need help with managing the visa and registration process for overseas trained doctors.

The benefits of using Medacs Healthcare’s processing service
Time frames can blow out if the candidate is not managed closely - each registration is allocated a dedicated registration consultant and recruitment consultant

  • Reaction time to potential problems – our consultants do this job all day every day. We can respond to an issue with minutes rather than days.
  • This is what we do – experience has taught our consultants to anticipate potential problems and act before they become real problems
  • Industry knowledge – our team are constantly updated on state and national level registration legislation
  • Industry advisors – our experience has led us to become trusted advisors in the area of gaining registration for overseas candidates.

For more information about our processing service email

Client FAQ's

What type of doctors does Medacs Healthcare recruit?

We recruit all levels of International Medical Graduates (IMGs) from Junior House Officers through to Registrars, General Practitioners and Consultants that are currently practicing medicine in comparable medical systems. The majority of our candidates have completed their primary medical degree and/or post-graduate training in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, South Africa, Canada or the United States. We are experts in matching the specific job requirements to the skills of available candidates. We have a large database of suitably qualified candidates willing to relocate to Australia, New Zealand or other parts of the world.

What is the expected length of the contract?

The average assignment is twelve months, although post-graduate trainee assignments can range from six months to twelve months. It should be noted, however, that in many cases, the medical job contracts are extended for a further term as visas can be for up to four years.

Who handles the registration and immigration for the doctor?

We have staff dedicated to managing the registration and immigration processes for both clients and candidates. Depending on your resources, with your assistance, we are happy to undertake the entire procedure on your behalf to ensure timely completion of the process. Of course, the process will vary depending on whether the position available is for a post-graduate trainee or area of need. In any event, you do not have to be concerned about anything as we will provide you with plenty of help and guidance through the ‘red tape’.

Are the doctors eligible for registration in Australia or New Zealand?

Most of the IMGs we place will hold medical registration in their home country. In the course of a thorough screening process, we ensure that all the candidates that are presented to you meet the eligibility criteria for a given post and are able to obtain medical registration in Australia or New Zealand.

What do you charge for your services?

We charge clients a fee for service based on the commencement salary package of the practitioner. Please contact Medacs Healthcare Australia for further information.

What needs to be provided for the doctor during their stay?

As you can appreciate, relocating to a new country can be a challenging experience for many people, especially those with children. Medacs prides itself in providing our candidates with the latest available information about the practicalities of living in Australia and New Zealand and the new cultures. We would also ask our clients to provide as much support as they can for overseas doctors coming to work in their facilities. In addition to information resources, most hospitals assist with suitable accommodation for a short period until more permanent housing can be secured. There is a lot of competition for jobs for overseas trained doctors worldwide and any additional benefits we can offer will attract better quality practitioners.

What will be your involvement in the selection process for a doctor?

The final choice will be yours but we will do everything we can to guide you through the process and to present you with the best quality doctors available at the time. We, therefore, ask our clients to provide as much support as they can for overseas doctors coming to work in Australia or NZ. We will keep you informed every step of the way of the progress we are making. Once you have selected a doctor based on his/her CV and references, we are happy to arrange a telephone-conference if you so wish. Most of the doctors we place are recruited and selected on the basis of a telephone-conference. On the rare occasions that you require a face-to-face interview, we will arrange this for you also. At the end of this process, you have the option to proceed with the appointment or keep looking for other suitable doctors.

How soon can a doctor start if hired through Medacs Healthcare in Australia?

How soon can a doctor start if hired through Medacs Healthcare in Australia? Three to six months is the minimum time most doctors need to arrange their affairs to begin a medical job in Australia or New Zealand. Some may be a little quicker and some may take a little longer. We need at least three months to obtain medical registration and immigration clearance. Specialists need to go through the AMC process and thus can take between eight and twelve months.

What if things do not work out with the appointed doctor?

It is impossible to provide a 100% guarantee that there will never be a problem with a particular doctor, once appointed, even after he or she has been through our thorough recruitment process and the hospital’s own assessment. In the unlikely event that a doctor does not work out, under our quality assurance guarantee, we undertake to find a replacement at no extra cost. For a full statement of our guarantee, please contact one of Medacs Healthcare's Australia offices for clarification. We can confidently say, however, that having to replace a candidate is a rare event. Our consultants spend much time and effort in assessing the credentials of the doctor and we allow our clients ample opportunity to make their choice of candidates.

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