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Benefits of Occupational Health

"The involvement of occupational health professionals is rated the most effective approach for managing long-term absence by all main employer sectors."
CIPD Absence Management Survey 2009

Occupational health aims to ensure that companies can be as effective as possible with protecting their employees’ health and well-being. Through practical occupational health management of employees’ health and care issues, early intervention and clinical assistance has widespread business benefits, including:

  • Conforming to health and safety legislation
  • Improved staff motivation and performance ultimately increases profitability
  • Informed recruitment and deployment results in a reduction in staff turnover, better staff attendance and retention and an increased public image of the company making it more attractive as an employer
  • Prevention of disabling illness/disease
  • Reduced risk and cost of litigation
  • Identification of reasons for non-attendance, trends and patterns within departments, allowing the opportunity to take preventative and corrective action
  • Increased profit and productivity

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