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AUG 06/2013

Why do people take on temporary social care work?

Temporary positions within the healthcare sectors can be a brilliant way to gain a greater variety of skills and improved flexibility within the workplace.

Being a social care agency worker allows you to choose when and where you would like to work - allowing you to move to new places or take on hours which better suit you and your lifestyle.
This means that you can plan your work around your family and life, rather than having to slot this time in between work commitments.
There is a huge variety of roles on offer for temporary social care staff, with a large volume of opportunities available for qualified candidates.
Working in a diverse number of settings this could include residential homes, nursing homes, nurseries, day centres, supported living and within community support organisations - depending on your skills and interests.
If you have the correct qualifications it can simply be a matter of discussing your options and career aspirations to ascertain where best to place you.

Why temporary positions?

Working through an agency can offer multiple benefits, for not only your career but you as an individual.
Some of the main advantages include gaining vital experience to allow you to move into different parts of the sector or for more senior positions, a greater variety of work and the chance to operate as a social care worker in a range of different environments.
The flexible nature of temporary positions is a huge positive, with the ability to take on short-term and long-term contracts to suit you.
With the freedom to take on hours and settings which are right for you, it means you can achieve greater job satisfaction without compromising on your work-life balance.
This can be very important if you have a family and children to look after or are working more than one temporary social care position at a time.
Some people may also be studying part-time or engaged in social care training, meaning temporary work could be vital in offering you a more tailored form of employment to fit in with your current lifestyle.
As well as the benefits of this more flexible working arrangement, using an agency can offer you unrivalled support as you enter new sectors and environments and settle into different positions.
Helping you to find work, they can be relied upon to match you somewhere you feel happy with and support you throughout your work there, either through email, telephone or with face-to-face meetings.
When choosing to take on temporary work the financial benefits should also not be ignored, as working a set number of hours can often prove to be more lucrative than taking full-time positions.
As an agency worker you can also claim the statutory maximum for mileage expenses, as well as - in some cases - phone bills, travel and computer costs, helping to ease any economic pressures at home.

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