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SEP 02/2013

Temp nursing and its advantages

Temporary nursing offers a wealth of benefits for qualified nurses looking for a greater variety of work, more flexible shifts and lucrative pay. Trish Davidson, Operations Director - Nursing, Social Care & Professionals at Medacs Healthcare explains more. 

In order to register for agency nursing work all you need is to have a minimum of six months' NHS experience gained in the last two years, and anyone looking for band 5 positions to also be Nursing and Midwifery Council registered.

Once you have signed up there are a wide number of roles you could take on, depending on your level of experience and what sort of positions you are searching for. This includes registered general nurses, registered mental health nurses, healthcare assistants, theatre nurses and practitioners - with a large volume to choose from in both NHS and private healthcare environments.

There are long and short-term positions available, so it is therefore important that you give some thought to your personal circumstances and the kind of role which would best suit you and your lifestyle.

Being an agency nurse allows you to choose when and where you want to work. You can plan your working hours around your life, gaining valuable experience and broadening your horizons with a variety of assignments to work on.

What are the main benefits of agency nursing positions?

Flexibility is one of the biggest plus points of taking on temp work. You have the freedom to tell agencies when you are available to work and by working with Medacs Healthcare you are privileged to first choice on shifts. This could be ideal when taking on numerous different contracts at short notice and ensuring a steady income.

With the addition of online registration and online DBS service, dedicated compliance and face-to-face teams you can get to work within ten days, meaning you don't have to waste time with paperwork or spend a significant time out of work awaiting registration.

Pay is another primary benefit of agency nursing, with the prospect of competitive hourly rates plus holiday pay and a payroll system which sees you paid in the same week that you work. It is this ease of working and fast access to income which many people find so alluring when considering temp nursing positions.

You can view payments anytime with a secure online personal login - giving you access to payment, tax and deductions information as and when you need it. This helps you to stay on top of your finances and gives you a clear idea of your earnings.

Many people think that temporary positions mean less career support and progression, however this isn't the case and free mandatory training and access to specialist training is readily available. You will be appointed a dedicated consultant and 24/7 support, including appraisals and supervision facilities from qualified nurses.

New terminology

You may notice different terminology being used in relation to these sort of positions. These include:

  • temp nursing
  • agency nursing
  • bureau nursing
  • contract nursing
  • locum nursing

Generally speaking the terms are pretty interchangeable and the same benefits apply. 


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