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OCT 23/2013

Why should you choose to be a locum psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists are required to deal with very broad general caseloads, alongside specialist research areas as they help understand how the mind works and how best to treat their patients.

There are many different types of psychiatry jobs, however often the best way to experience a diverse range of conditions and mental health cases is to become a locum psychiatrist, allowing you the opportunity to work within a range of settings.

The practice has changed dramatically over the past 20 years, with smaller modern units now relied upon to treat people with mental illness both physically and psychologically. Many of these conditions are managed in hospital units or specialist community settings which promote rehabilitation.

Psychiatry is quite unique as a profession as it requires a complex mix of skills, from clinical abilities to being able to assess and diagnose conditions, as well as clear research capabilities.

Locum psychiatry

While most psychiatrists will practice within the NHS in permanent roles, there are many locum positions available (both NHS and private) throughout the country.

Being a locum psychiatrist can offer new opportunities to further your learning and experience a diverse range of conditions. It can also improve the personal qualities you will have already honed through training and professional practice, including careful history taking, the ability to work as a member of a multi-disciplinary team, high levels of interpersonal and listening skills and effective liaison with other agencies.

Working as a locum with Medacs Healthcare means that you will have exclusive access to jobs, a range of long and short-term opportunities across the UK, support with revalidation and excellent rates of pay.

With over 20 years' sector experience and a large portfolio of priority contracts, there is a particular demand for those who are involved in forensic psychiatry, old age psychiatry and child and adolescent mental health services.

Taking on locum work could be supplementary to your current job, allowing you to earn extra money, widen your skill set and experience different conditions and specialist areas.

The flexibility that comes with a locum role is another of the major benefits to this type of work, as you can choose hours to suit you, fitting them around your family, friends and other personal commitments. With the freedom to manage your own working hours and lucrative rates of pay you can also choose where you work, picking from a range of environments. This allows you to stick to familiar spaces or step out of your comfort zone and bring your skills to a new mental health setting.

Should you be very familiar with working in small specialist clinics then general psychiatry locum work in a hospital unit could prove to be a great way to broaden your skills, allowing you to see a greater range of patients exhibiting more diverse symptoms and complaints.

Plus, while working as a locum psychiatrist you will receive ongoing support from your agency, who will help to find you work which best suits your skills and personal circumstances, while guiding you carefully through the process and being there to lend a helping hand should you need it.

 For more information about locum psychiatry jobs click here.

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