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DEC 04/2014

Agency nursing – a fresh start

Making the decision to go from full-time employment to agency work can be a daunting prospect, but at the same time it can unlock the perfect work/life balance. We spoke to Vicki, one of our agency workers who recently registered with Medacs Healthcare.

She talks us through why she decided to register with Medacs Healthcare as an agency nurse, how the registration process was for her and how it has changed her life - literally.

Q. What made you decide to change your career to agency nursing?

“I have been a Paediatric Nurse since 2001. My young boys (aged 9 and 10) were growing up so fast and I recently realised that their childhood literally seemed to be passing me by. I made the decision that I no longer wanted to miss out on that amazing goal that Hugo scored on Saturday, or that important role that Theo had in the school production. I needed to take control of when and where I worked. That was when I decided to look at what agencies were out there to register with.

“My friend saw an advert for Medacs Healthcare and passed it onto me, so I took the plunge and gave them a call. My interview was set up for the very same week with Roxsanne Sonron in Brighton. I am the world’s worst interviewee – my nerves always seem to get the better of me, but Roxsanne was so friendly and kind and I started to relax and became myself within minutes of meeting her."

Q. How did you find the registration process with Medacs Healthcare?

“A matter of days after my interview, I was contacted by the next person in the registration chain; Compliance Officer, Katie Salmon. Katie went through my application with me and chased up my references. She went out of her way to help me and even typed up my CV at one point as I had been unable to update it at home – corrupt home computer to blame!

“Compliance was such a smooth process and the only thing that held up the progression was my DBS check. This took four weeks and on the very same day I received it, Katie handed me over to my Recruitment Consultant, Helen Phillips.

“Helen called me to introduce herself and to talk about my work preferences and what my availability was at the time. Ten minutes after our conversation, she called me back with my first shift! I seriously couldn’t believe how quickly I was offered work from that first initial telephone call from an advert."

Q. How did you find your first assignment?

“I went to my first shift with that ‘new-job’ feeling…I needn’t have worried. I was welcomed on the ward with open arms and friendly faces – all the staff were so helpful and I was given a very informative induction. It went so well that I have worked booked with the same client up until December."

Vicki with Theo and HugoQ. How has agency nursing benefitted you?

“Working for Medacs Healthcare has made for a happier home life. I love my job as a Paediatric Nurse but I also love my family. For years I have felt torn between the two and struggled, but now I choose when I work and am able to attend my children’s school and football events. I can have my birthday off and anyone else's if I want too! I am no longer an absent mum who missed all the important moments my children wanted me there for. And most importantly, this year I will be at home for Christmas."

Q. What makes Medacs Healthcare stand out as an agency to you?

“I would recommend Medacs Healthcare to anyone. In fact I have! My sister-in-law who is an A&E Healthcare Assistant is waiting for her compliance process to be completed and she too will be joining the Medacs Healthcare gang.

All the team are so friendly. You really are important to them and they do really care about your job. They go out of their way to help and I can honestly not think of one negative thing to say. I am looking forward to a long career with Medacs Healthcare and I would urge anyone who is thinking of changing their career to agency work – give Medacs Healthcare a call!”

If you're interested in agency work, check out our latest jobs or register with us now and see how it can change your life for the better.

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