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SEP 10/2015

Important changes to lapsed NMC registration

New Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) rules come into force later this year – from November anyone who allows their registration to lapse will be taken off the register immediately. 
At present and until the change in November 2015, nurses who failed to renew their registration before expiry were given an administrative window which allowed late submissions to be processed within a couple of days.
Know your registration date
Please ensure that you know your re-register date and are planning ahead. 
It is illegal for you to continue working if you’re not on the NMC register and it could result in getting suspended from work. Also note that readmission to the register can take a minimum of between two to six weeks, meaning that you’ll not be paid for this period.
Alison Sansome, NMC Director of Registration, said: “In preparation for the introduction of payment by instalment in spring 2016, we are urging nurses and midwives to take care to maintain their registration. 
“From November this year there will be no opportunity for registrants to submit their documentation or pay their fee after their registration expiry date.
"Going forward from then, they must have renewed (and retained) registration before their due date or their registration will lapse.”
NMC online account 
The easiest way to maintain registration is through an NMC Online account.
On NMC Online, you can:
view registration status
find out your renewal date
update your contact and address details
view and print a statement of entry
submit your notification of practice (NoP) online
pay your annual retention or renewal fees
set up a direct debit for your annual fee payment
provide equality and diversity information, and
provide details about where you work
View the ‘How to set up your NMC Online account’ document here if you don’t already have an account. 
If you do have an NMC account, log-in today to check your registration status and renewal date.
To find out more about revalidation – the new re-registration process launching Spring 2016, click here.

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