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OCT 18/2015

What are NHS staffing frameworks?

With the recent announcement from the Department of Health (DoH) introducing a ban on NHS trusts using ‘non-framework’ agencies, our latest blog explains what frameworks are and why they are used.

What is a framework?

In temporary staffing, a framework is a list of approved suppliers who have been vetted and audited by a framework body to provide assurances to clients that they can supply staff of a high quality and at a competitive price. 

To be a ‘framework supplier’ agencies have to apply through a tender process and provide information about the organisation; policies and procedures; ability to supply the quality and quantity of candidates required; and robust processes to meet the needs of framework customers.

What are the benefits of frameworks?

For healthcare professionals, the main benefit of choosing a framework agency is a larger volume and variety of jobs they are able to offer. Candidates also have the security of working for a fully vetted agency and work with the knowledge the agency cannot charge extortionate commission fees as they are fixed by the framework.

For NHS clients, once an agency is placed on the framework they can expect:

  • Vetted agency staff who comply with NHS Employers standards
  • Revalidation of all full-time locum doctors will be carried out
  • Staff for all specialities required
  • Large volumes of staff to meet NHS requirements
  • Competitive pay and charge rates
  • Service level agreements to guarantee fill rates, response times, use of IT system
  • Audit process to check adherence to regulatory checks, financial stability, policies and procedures
  • Savings through control of commission fees.

How many staffing frameworks exist?

There are three main frameworks in the UK, run by Crown Commercial Services, Health Trust Europe and London Procurement Partnership. There are also regional procurement hubs that operate independent frameworks such as NHS Scotland.

Why do Medacs Healthcare choose to supply via frameworks?

We choose to be a framework supplier because it reassures our customers we are delivering high quality services and enables us to guarantee our candidates the maximum number of jobs available.

For the past 25 years we have strived to build a reputable framework locum agency that works hand in hand with NHS Trusts and healthcare professionals alike to support them and their changing needs.

For more information on the benefits of frameworks please click here.

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