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NOV 17/2015

Is Australia the place to be for Midwives?

Midwife with pregnant patientBritish-based midwives looking for exciting career opportunities may consider the chance to move to another country to broaden their horizons and see more of the world while working in industries that will differ from the UK and present all new challenges and experiences.

One country that offers a fantastic chance to tick all these boxes is Australia. But is it the place to be for you?


While there are often reports of cuts in NHS trusts across the UK that can see more midwives than available positions, the opposite is true in Australia, where there is a shortage of midwives, with particular demand in the more rural (and beautiful) areas of the country.

Australia is a beautiful place to live and work in general, and it can make for a great change of scenery thanks to its different pace of life, incredible weather and weird and wonderful natural environment.

Try before you buy

Of course, it can be daunting to commit to a big move far away to somewhere on the other side of the world, but midwives are able to get a little taste of the nation before they decide to take the plunge, which is a great way to see if it's for you.

Under-30s can apply for a working holiday visa, where they can travel the country for up to 12 months and work for up to six months for any single employer. It's a great way to try out a new career and see a new part of the world, before you decide if a permanent move to Australia is on the cards for you. The bonus is that travellers are able to get a foot in with a prospective employer and try out different options (e.g. private or public sector) and regions before they commit to a permanent move.


With any job, there has to be an advantage before you commit to moving overseas, and in Australia midwives will certainly find this to be the case. Those based in Australia are generally better paid than in the UK and Ireland, earning between $53,000 and $77,000, as well as bonuses for late shifts and night shifts.

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Different opportunities

As well as having the chance to live somewhere new and exciting, midwives moving to Australia have the chance to try out new things in their career. The way that things work in Australia is different to the UK, with midwifery team models taking centre stage in the public sector (where a group of midwives will share the care of each woman during pre and post-natal care) and the private sector giving the option of one-to-one care throughout the whole process.

Those looking to broaden their horizons can also benefit from working in Australia, where they will have the chance to work more closely with obstetrics and gynaecology consultants to improve their expertise, as well as engaging in more critical thinking and decision making.

Can I work there?

The big question that will hold many back from applying to live and work in Australia centres around whether or not they will be able to do so. So who is eligible to move to Australia as a midwife?

Generally speaking, those who wish to do so will need to be dual registered (as both a midwife and a registered nurse) and have two years of clinical experience in order to be eligible to move to Australia and experience some fantastic new opportunities. Vacancies do exist for midwives without a dual qualification but the choice of roles and locations is much more limited.

For more information on the roles we offer, please click here and we will contact you to discuss your requirements in detail.

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