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JAN 11/2016

Local Hero Receives National Police Public Bravery Award

An agency nurse has received a bravery award at the 50th annual NPCC Police and Public Bravery Awards in Manchester on 23 November 2015, for a remarkable act of heroism.
Becky Bickley, who works as an A&E nurse at Medacs Healthcare in Staffordshire, was honoured by the police service for swiftly reacting to a horrific incident that occurred in her neighbourhood on the evening of Friday 10 May 2013.  
Becky attended the incident following knocks at her door. The neighbours informed Becky that someone was seriously hurt. 
Being a qualified nurse, Becky rushed over to the nearby address and found a lady had been stabbed in the neck. She was also going into shock. Despite the attacker being in the house and sitting close to the victim, Becky, with no regard to her own safety, administered first aid.  The Police arrived and arrested the attacker, and the scene was made safe so the ambulance staff could enter the house. When the Ambulance Technician's joined her, it was Becky who cannulated her and started a drip enabling lifesaving fluids to be administered. The lady was then taken to hospital for emergency surgery. 
At the time of the attack, there were three children in the family home. After the mother had been taken to hospital and the father taken into custody, a decision had to be made as to where the children would go. The family was not originally from the UK so there was no other family nearby. Becky, who was not acquainted with the family, volunteered to look after the children for a few days which prevented them from going into care.
Becky insisted on being a key contact for the children and helped to clean the blood-stained house. She even bought new bedding for the little boys’ room which was also stained.
With the wonderful care of the staff at the local hospital, the lady has made a full recovery and the perpetrator continues to serve his six year sentence.
Chief Constable, Jane Sawyers of the local police department said: “What Rebecca did is nothing short of amazing, she gave no regard for her own safety in order to help a complete stranger."
“Her actions show true community spirit. Not only did she display incredible bravery, her compassion towards the children and her selflessness in taking care of them in the days following the attack are truly admirable.
“The police depend on the public and what Rebecca did is a fantastic example of that.”
All of the team at Medacs Healthcare is incredibly proud to know and work with Becky Bickley. She is a true credit to the community and is an extremely well thought of nurse everywhere she works.
Above all, Becky is an excellent example of a strong, passionate and dedicated nurse – always putting others before herself. 
                                     Becky Bickley receives her award

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