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JAN 28/2016

Our unsung heroes

We have received overwhelming support to our new #HealthcareHeroes campaign. Thank you to all the nurses who have contributed and nominated their colleagues and friends on social media.
Our recent Twitter poll found that 89 per cent of people had either been supported by a heroic nurse or knew someone who had. We have received a huge amount of support on Facebook from individuals sharing their nursing stories. People have shared their stories about carers and other healthcare professionals who also do an amazing job and deserve recognition.
Here are some of the incredible stories being shared. You can find more at


The nurse I nominate is Christine Marsh. We work on a nursing dementia unit and it is hard work. Christine bends over backwards for all the people in her care. We work long and tiring shifts. Christine always stays behind to look after the residents and even the staff and is so selfless never thinks of herself. She is 62 and is a real caring nurse she to me is my head nurse such talent and very very compassionate but never gets recognised such a shame for many many years in the NHS. Hardworking, never a bad word and our residents and their families love her and so do we. Long may she reign.

- Linda Kempton
Lucy Carnell Olson works in Emergency Care in the Kent and Canterbury Hospital. She is an exceptional nurse and has only been nursing for two years. Her colleagues put her forward for all the extra training and even think she should be a sister.

- Lesley Carnell Hammond
A very good professional nurse works on Pearce Ward at Wythenshawe Hospital. She treats patients and their families with kindness and gives us all the help we all need. Her name is Lisa. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do.

- Barbara Neath
Mine is Jennifer Boulton, Deputy Manager at Woodlands Care Centre. She gives her all for every single resident and we have 109. She lives there Monday to Friday and only sees her family at weekends. She helps in every department and the love she has is spell-bounding. I watch her and think wow she never takes a break. She gets called from her bed at 5am to rescue someone who is in desperate need and then be on her feet until midnight sometimes later. This lady not only rescues residents but staff and relatives alike. She is the woodlands angel in my opinion and I believe she needs to be recognised for this beautiful kind loving woodlands angel.

- Loopy Currington
All nurses specially those who always work hard Macmillan nurses.

- Ella Green
I'd like to nominate my theatre team - day in, day out they ensure that each and every patient in theatre gets the best care that they deserve. Clinicians demand more and more from the team and they do as much as they can within their capabilities.

- Sally Payne
My hero is a brilliant activities therapist. She also provides care. She works with dementia sufferers and inspires each person to communicate and participate in the activities she provides. I have worked for 35 years as a registered nurse and have never seen another person who matches her talent. In dementia care positive activities and inclusion can mean the difference between loneliness and depression or friendship and happiness. I vote for Natalie Marcantonio. She is one in a million.

- Linda Hynds
Carol Mitchell is a wonderful nurse and has set up her own charity for sick children in Uganda. She tirelessly works hard with a full-time nursing job and fundraising. She is an amazing lady and an inspiration to us all.

- Ruth Smith
I’d like to nominate my friend Kim Sturgeon. As a carer she goes well beyond her normal duties. She adores her residents and hardly ever takes a day off sick. When it was Christmas, she decorated the whole of the home out of her own money. She made loads of sweet displays in a spray as presents for them. She decorated the Christmas dinner table with things she had made herself. If there is a garden fete she makes things for the home to sell and raise money for and in between doing all her shifts. She lovingly tends the homes garden planting seeds herself so that when the flowers grow the residents can benefit from sitting outside and seeing them. She’s brilliant at her job. She really cares about the people she’s looking after.

- Yvonne Sullivan
I am a nurse but I think carers are just as important. The NHS wouldn't be the same without good ones so put your stories in people.

- Kerry Bainbridge
My wonderful son Nathan. I've seen him come home after working a 12, 12.5 hour shift and still concerned about his patients. God Bless all our nurses.

- Tess Dickinson
Each and everyone in the health profession is an unsung hero. Simple.

- Linda Williams
I am a trained adult nurse who has had type 1 diabetes for 48 yrs. I am 49, I have been looked after by many nurses in my life and as a child decided this was the job for me!! I have worked in gynaecology, acute medicine and endoscopy. I love my job with all my heart. I think when you have been a patient it helps when you are looking after someone. Being a nurse is fabulous and so rewarding. I’ve shed a few tears on a daily basis. Lorna Mcintosh I'm an unsung hero! Most nurses are! I love my job!

- Michelle Lisa Cuthbert
The hospitals and hospices are FULL of unsung heroes every single day - every one is an unsung hero or heroine. Celebrate them all.

- Alison Jones
My hero is a wonderful lady, Fiona Lynch. She is a nurse consultant at the Evelina Children's Hospital in London and a major member of the South Thames Retrieval Service which specialises in transferring critically ill children to suitable hospitals. In October my nine year old daughter had a near fatal asthma attack and had to be taken to the PICU at the Evelina. Fiona was the lead professional who came to collect Scarlett from Croydon University Hospital and because her lungs were so stiff Fiona bagged her for the entire blue light journey across London. Once in the PICU, Fiona and the other medical, nursing, radiography and physiotherapy staff worked tirelessly to save my little girl. Fiona is a calm, unflappable nurse, she exuded an aura of gentleness at all times and is honestly one of the loveliest human beings I have ever met. I would dearly love for her to receive recognition for her dedication and for being a beautiful person. I shall NEVER forget her.

- Libbi Meade
My beautiful son Liam had two bone marrow transplants in 2013 sadly they failed Liam passed away that year. Liam spent 7 months in hospital at the MRI. So many nurses were fantastic! One nurse as a family we will never forget was a nurse called Chloe ward 44 Haematology! Forever in our thoughts, Liam's Family.

- David Pratt
I had to recently deal with the Rennie Grove nurses. They all did an amazing job but one lady stood out from the rest her name was Claire. There was just something different about her I called her our angel without wings. I don't know what I would have done without her. In my eyes it's more than just a job to her and she deserves a medal for what she does. I will be forever in her debt.

- Caroline Pratt
I was in hospital in December 2014 with severe asthma attack and chest infection and not well. I was in medical assessment in Chorley and had great nurses, but a staff nurse called Janet was brilliant and was great one in a million. Last saw on Rookwood bay in Chorley.

- Yvette France
I nominate Becky Bickley! Fab at what she does a real team player oozes professionalism, care and compassion both in and out of work.

- Faye Middle

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