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FEB 26/2016

How the Medacs Healthcare district nurses helped me

We received overwhelming support to our new unsung #HealthcareHeroes campaign. So many people shared incredible stories about the nursing staff who have made a difference in their lives. This is Ann’s story about how the Medacs Healthcare community nurses have been supporting her. Ann Cruickshank's story
In January this year, Ann was diagnosed with cellulitis which is a bacterial infection of the skin and tissues beneath the skin. 
Ann reveals, “All of a sudden, I began to feel ill. I did nothing for a couple of days then noticed the skin on my left leg was breaking out in blisters and it was rapidly covering the whole of my leg. I was unable to get an appointment at the doctors that day so we went to A&E as I felt it could not wait another day. I was immediately booked in and put on a ward with a constant antibiotic drip in my arm. I had cellulitis and I spent four days in hospital. On returning home I was in the hands of the district nurses from Medacs Healthcare.”  
The community nurses initially supported Ann twice a day by giving her antibiotics and changing her dressing. Ann also suffers from irritable bowel syndrome and experienced severe side effects from the antibiotics during that first weekend at home. Ann says, “That weekend was the very worst time in all of this.”
When Ann went back to the hospital on Monday, the antibiotics were changed. Ann now visits the hospital every other day for an antibiotic transfusion and the Medacs Healthcare community nurses support her on the other days. 
Ann says, “This is now my fifth week and I have numerous nurses who all are so wonderful. They make sure there are enough dressings and order further where necessary. Because of the length of time they have been attending, I have met quite a lot of them. Every single one of them has been friendly, efficient, and extremely careful when cleaning and dressing my leg.  
“They are always willing to listen to how I am feeling. I cannot name one as I have seen so many and every single one has been professional, shown amazing empathy and kindness towards me and my husband. They all deserve the title of #Heroes. We are now into our fifth week but they cheer my day up.”
Thank you Ann for your wonderful dedication!
Thank you also to the community nurses who have been helping her. #WeHeartNurses
If you have been supported by a healthcare hero and would like to share your story, please get in touch with us by e-mailing

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