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MAR 15/2016

An Interview with the Expert: Revalidation Confirmation Meeting

An interview with the expert
For those of you who are due to revalidate but haven’t gone through the confirmation process as yet, we interviewed our Head of Clinical Services, Anne Anderson who answered some key questions following her first meeting as a Confirmer.
When should a nurse book their confirmation? 
You should book the confirmation meeting at least six months before your renewal date to ensure there is time to collect the documentation and I would recommend completing the appraisal, reflective discussion and confirmation all in one go to save time.
What does a nurse need to bring along with them? 
All of your evidential documentation and forms will need to be completed. Templates, which can be downloaded or printed, can be found on the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) website
You will need to record all of your revalidation evidence until you have completed:
  • Practice hours log with 450 completed hours
  • CPD log with 35 hours and evidence such as certificates (20 hours must be participatory CPD) 
  • Five practice related feedback examples
  • Five reflective account forms linking to the Code
  • Reflective discussion form
  • Confirmation form
How does the process start? 
A Medacs Healthcare candidate contacts their consultant who put them in touch with the confirmer. Contact is made through either email or telephone and the confirmer will explain what evidence and documentation is needed before their face-to-face confirmation meeting is organised.
How should they present their work? 
The documentation can be in paper or electronic format, although it is recommended that you keep your evidence online for ease of access and alteration. 
For those who decide to complete their portfolio online, you will require paper copies of the reflective discussion and confirmation forms which will be signed and dated upon your sign off meeting with an NMC registrant (if the reflective discussion forms part of your confirmation meeting).
What happens if they don’t have everything? 
If the nurse does not have all the required evidence when they arrive for their confirmation meeting, the confirmer will not be able to provide a sign off on that date. You will however, be given the opportunity to amend your portfolio and return for another confirmation meeting once all elements are complete.
At Medacs Healthcare, the confirmer will not arrange the face-to-face meeting until you are confident that you have everything completed. This preparation is done with email/telephone guidance from the confirmer to be sure that everything is prepared prior to the meeting.
What happens once you have signed off their portfolio?  
Once signed off, it is your responsibility to log onto the NMC Online where you will begin your revalidation application. As part of this process, you will not be able to upload any of your portfolio as evidence. 
You can send your information to the NMC up to 60 days before their revalidation date, but I would recommend they do this at least one month before the due date.
When are you due to revalidate? 
Like all nurses, I am also due to revalidate my registration. My renewal date is July 2017. 
How prepared are you?  
My first confirmation meeting got me thinking about my own portfolio and I am already starting to collect feedback from colleagues. I am using the RCNi Portfolio to log my CPD hours and I have identified who my confirmer will be.
What would you say to a nurse who is due to revalidate soon or is undergoing collecting evidence now? 
I would recommend signing up to NMC Online now and to identify your confirmer. When you download all the templates and start to complete them, it will show you how much evidence you need to collect, whether that is attending a participatory course or asking your patients or colleagues for feedback. The process is straightforward and one of the benefits of being with Medacs Healthcare is that we will support you through every step of the process.
If you feel that you need more information about the revalidation process and what the requirements are, take a look at the Agency Nurse Revalidation Portal, where you can find details of each element in addition to a step-by-step guide to completing your revalidation application.

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