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MAR 23/2016

How two healthcare heroes helped at a road traffic accident

It started off like a usual Thursday morning for two of our Staffordshire homecare workers. They were driving through Stone when they witnessed a car colliding with a pedestrian. They ended up supporting the pedestrian until the emergency services arrived.
Nikki Pinfield and Rebecca King have been working in our homecare team since 2015. They enjoy their roles and find it rewarding to help clients live independently in their own homes.
At 8.45am that Thursday morning, Nikki and Rebecca were driving to their second call of the day. While waiting in traffic, they saw a car collide with a pedestrian who was crossing a busy junction. Nikki and Rebecca’s only thought was to help.
“We just went into autopilot. I stopped the car next to the lady who was on the road and asked Nikki to jump out,” says Rebecca.
The pedestrian was conscious but confused. Nikki reassured her, made her comfortable and covered her with a blanket to keep her warm. Nikki says, “I sat with the pedestrian and kept her calm.”
Rebecca contacted the lady’s husband and workplace to tell them about the incident.
Nikki and Rebecca were the only people who remained on the scene. The driver was also very shaken up. They stayed there until the emergency services and the pedestrian’s partner arrived.
When they got to the Medacs Healthcare office later that day, the care workers went one step further and asked the lady’s workplace to pass on their contact details.
The lady they helped later got in touch to say how grateful she was. She informed them she had some bruising and a broken leg but was slowly on the mend.
Coordinator Elaine Garbett says, “When the incident happened, Nikki and Rebecca phoned to tell us what was happening. The care and professionalism they showed was inspiring. Although they were understandably late for the next call, they continued with their day to visit the clients who needed their support. We are extremely proud of our healthcare heroes.”  
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