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APR 18/2016

Top tips for supporting a person with Parkinson’s

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Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological condition affecting one in every 500 people in the UK. The condition is characterised by tremors, slow movements and stiff muscles.

As the condition is always changing, here are some top tips for homecare workers who help people with Parkinson’s live independently in their own homes.

Person-centred care

Each person is different and their experience of Parkinson’s will be unique to them. Use two-way communication to reach a mutual decision and ensure the care plan is centred on the service user’s individual needs.

Maintain dignity and respect

Treat others how you would wish for you and your loved ones to be cared for with dignity and respect. 

Medication must be taken on time

It is vital that medication is taken on time for people with Parkinson’s as any change can have a huge impact on the balance of chemicals in their body. If the chemicals become disrupted a person’s care needs may increase and it then may take them a long time to return to normal. Please ensure your service user takes their medication at exactly the right time.

Care needs can change

People with Parkinson’s have good days and bad days. This can be challenging because a task they could complete yesterday may prove too difficult today. It is helpful to keep this in mind as the support they need may vary at each visit.

Allow individuals time to respond

People with the condition may need more time to respond to conversations or any requests. Be patient and give individuals time to respond.  

Access to additional support

Service users should have regular medical reviews with their specialist as well as access to any other support they require such as physiotherapy, dietary guidance, occupational therapy, mental health treatment, and speech and language therapy.

Report any concerns

If at any point you are concerned about the service user, please speak to your branch manager.

Do you support an individual with Parkinson’s? Share your top tips with us. You can also check out our careers in care by clicking here.

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