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MAY 10/2016

Some of our healthcare heroes

We have received overwhelming support to our #HealthcareHeroes campaign. Thank you to everyone in Australia and New Zealand who have contributed and nominated their nursing heroes.

Here are some of the incredible stories being shared. You can find more at


Lynette Condello The Children's Hospital Westmead. CF Clinical Nurse Consultant Sharon Symonds. She has been my lifeline for over six years. My granddaughter has Cystic Fibrosis. Sharon has been there for me whenever I have needed her. She feels more like a good friend than a nurse. Bless you Sharon.

Cheryle Beadman All nursing staff deserve recognition, however I know one very special person. Karen Gower has been a nurse for approximately 34 years. When I first met her she was in the oncology area. Then she moved into the palliative care area. Now she is a Nurse Practitioner working in the community looking after palliative patients in their home. During this time she has helped me through my cancer journey. A true Nursing Angel.

Kerrie Stratford The nursing staff at Stanthorpe Hospital in Queensland are kind, caring, and compassionate. They gave of themselves beyond what one expected of them. One night my late husband was taken by ambulance to the emergency department. A nurse who was supposed to finish at 10pm came in to the department to pick up something she had left there. Emergency was busy, one nurse and one doctor. Even though she had finished her shift and signed off she saw that my husband was crashing, she stayed and helped pull my husband through. It was 1:30 in the morning when she left to go home. She never left my husband’s side and she was never paid for that. And to the nurse last night that dressed my toe after I slipped getting out of the bath and ripped of my big toenail off, I say a big thank you. Sometimes it is the little things that they do that no one hears about that make all the difference to the people they are caring for. To all the nurses I say a big thank you for your dedication.

Marilyn Newton Kristy-Lee Jones at Epworth Hospital Melbourne. Apart from being a very caring Nurse, Kristy-Lee last year went to Africa as a volunteer and this year is climbing Mt Kilimanjaro on a fundraising effort for children's education in developing countries. God bless you Kristy-Lee and bring you safely home.

Karen Wallace Eleven years ago my beautiful 11 year old daughter was diagnosed with severe and debilitating OCD. She would do nothing as the compulsive obsessions would make her have to do one thing 100 times or more so she shut down. She was the youngest child at that time to be admitted to the psychiatric ward at Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth where she ended up staying for six weeks. My baby girl had never been apart from me. It was the most traumatic time of my life and handing her over was indescribable if it had not been for the team of dedicated, loving and most amazing nurses ever. I could only visit for two hours in the evening as these were the rules. Thanks to the amazing men and women who I entrusted my child to as I got my baby girl back. It took years but with guidance and support from these heroes my girl is fully functioning above all expectations. She is working in an amazing job, living independently and has travelled overseas numerous times in the last few years. I thank all those amazing men and women nurses because you saved her life and soul and mine also. Will love and remember you forever and ever. God bless you all.

New Zealand

Kat Buchanan The lady I would like to be considered is a colleague of mine from work. You will never find anyone with a more kind and caring nature. Lyn is about to retire and works part time in ed. Lyn has an important role working as a discharge coordinator. On a number of different occasions Lyn has been there for both old and young people when they are facing difficult times and she is able to interact with them in a positive way. Lyn is there for everyone in the department and its going to be hard when she leaves as she is an excellent role model and teacher.

Kathleen Kilner Lydia in ward 7 south Wellington hospital for her dedication and caring for my husband after spinal surgery. She always has a smile and time.

Jane Thistlethwaite I know a number of fabulous, dedicated nurses and others in the various medical profession and ambulance service in New Zealand. Two long serving (30 years +) nurses at Waikato Hospital, Hamilton - based in the Emergency Department are extremely deserving of a mention and huge thank you! Regardless of shift work, full on days, family and other pressures they have an unstinting, professional, caring and 'can do' ethic that is known and respected by many. Diana Knight and Karen Arnold, not only are you dear friends but you are true inspirations for the nursing profession! You both totally deserve a treat for the many people you have cared for over the years often in stressful and traumatic situations where regardless you give your 'all'! Thank you.

Emil Driessen I am writing about a nurse called Mere Edwards. She is about to retire after giving effortlessly for 37 years to Hastings hospital. She has also been a flight nurse for approximately  17 years giving herself and her time for all those she has come in contact with. Not just patients but their families and other staff alike. Please consider her for this voucher as I feel she deserves recognition for this. Mere has always given before herself and probably will do long after retirement to her community as this is the type of person she is. Thanks.

Mere Edwards Oh Emil that is so awesome of you to think of me thank you so much hence the saying "once a nurse always a nurse" so so true.

Christine Bradley All the nursing staff in the rehab ward in Hutt Hospital, they need a gold medal. I spent nearly 3 months with them, they were fantastic. Many thanks.

Ken Calder Anna in the heart ward in Hastinğs Hospital who kept from going crazy while waiting to go to Wellington for a bypass and new valve surgery. She called me mischief and told no lies. Would love to see her get this.

Gwen Hudepohl Lucy VandenBorst although worn out from trying to save a life, she continued and saved a life. You are a hero Lucy.

Maureen Lee My best friend Evelyn Fickling who is still nursing aged 69 on a busy Short Stay ward. An "old fashioned" nurse with "old fashioned" values and her patients just love her.

Phil Ngatuere Nurses do amazing things every day. I just spent 34 days in Waikato Hospital. The Nurses were there, even at my worst time reassuring me. So a big shout out to all the nurses. Thank you all.

Do you know a healthcare hero? Share your story below. 

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