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AUG 11/2016

Cambridge netball tournament raises funds for Macmillan

Recruitment Consultant Jodi Gipp organised a netball tournament in Cambridge in memory of a colleague. Find out more about the event which raised vital funds for Macmillan.

Charity netball event cupcake

What made you decide to organise the event?

“I joined a beginners netball league about 12 weeks ago and became the captain of the Cambridge Cougars. To mark the end of our season we discussed the idea of gathering several other teams together and hosting a netball tournament to celebrate. Shortly after this idea came about, my colleague Wendy passed away, following her battle with cancer. I felt a really strong desire to do something in memory of Wendy and decided a good way to do this might be to turn the netball tournament into a Macmillan fundraising event.”

How did you plan the event?

“I started organising the event at the beginning of June. I began to contact local venues to see whether anywhere would be willing to accommodate our event for free or at a reduced cost. I also contacted many local businesses to request contributions towards a charity raffle to help raise additional funds. 

“Many of my netball team mates got involved to help spread the word and they also supported on the day. I got in touch with Macmillan who recommended ways we could promote the event. We received an enormous amount of support and ended up with some fantastic donations.”

How did the event go? 

“The event itself was a huge success. Approximately 100 people attended either to play netball, spectate or support those who took part. The eight netball teams included the:

  • Koalas
  • Comets
  • Panthers
  • Sparks
  • Willingham Diamonds
  • Over Netball Club
  • ICONS 1
  • ICONS 2.

  Charity netball event netball team      Charity netball event team photo      Charity netball event team

“The captain of the ICONS squad was Wendy’s daughter-in-law and it was lovely to have the support and involvement of her family at the event. The ICONS teams were clearly on a different skill level to the rest of us as they both ended up playing each other in the final.”

What else did you have available on the day?

In addition to the netball games, we had a range of stalls at the event. Chloe Stone looked after the cake stall and spent her Saturday afternoon baking and icing 150 Macmillan-themed cupcakes. Ashleigh Anderson ran her very own lemonade and melonade drinks stall. These were very much appreciated on such a scorching hot day and we raised over £100 just in sales of her homemade drinks alone! Katie Reed also baked cakes but unfortunately both of our star bakers narrowly missed out on the Best Baker award in the Great Macmillan Bake-Off.

  Charity netball event food                 Charity netball event bouncy castle

Charity netball event fundraising

How much have you raised?

“We have raised £1,530 so far. I am massively proud of the fundraising event. I was not expecting to raise so much in a short time – my initial target was just £250! The generosity and support from people involved has been overwhelming and I can’t thank everybody enough. 

“Wendy would have been so proud. After the event, I received a lovely message from Wendy’s daughter-in-law to say how much she enjoyed the event. She was sure Wendy would have been smiling down on us but also saying, ‘Put some more sun cream on you lot!’ 

“My hope is to host a similar event next year. There is also discussion about hosting an event within our office team in November to pay our respects to Wendy on her birthday.”

The fundraising page is still open. If you wish to donate to the worthy cause, please click here.

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