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AUG 24/2016

Eurospital: meet GP Chris Bosshardt

Dr Chris Bosshardt

GP and locum A&E doctor, South London

Position: winger number 16

Eurospital Chris Bosshardt

What is your background?

I've just started working in a GP practice as a registrar, seeing patients with a wide range of issues. I've also worked through Medacs Healthcare as an SHO in various emergency departments around London including the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust and Charing Cross Hospital. Moving from A&E to a GP practice is a big change of pace, and ends a four year run of wearing scrubs and never having to iron a shirt for work.

What is the best thing about being a doctor?

The day-to-day variety of work means no day is ever the same and you're constantly being challenged. It's an incredibly personal and social job, with so many interactions each shift.

What does a typical day entail?

A typical day includes morning and afternoon clinics, reviewing patients with whatever acute or chronic problems they may have, while managing their problems and expectations. Clinics are fuelled by several cups of instant coffee.

Why are you playing in Eurospital?

Eurospital has been my pet project and the bane of my partner's life for three years. I spend most of the year picking the right kit, players and travel arrangements, and dreaming of glory. The tournament represents so many fantastic values, friendship, teamwork, and most importantly, it offers middle aged men an opportunity for international sporting glory.

Winning the Fair Play trophy two years in a row is something that I am immensely proud of, and we hope to add to that success with victory in the main competition. Our squad gets better each year and I think we can surprise a few of the teams this year.

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