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AUG 23/2016

Eurospital: meet trainee GP Tim McEwan

Dr Tim McEwan

Trainee GP in oncology, Guildford

Position: midfield number 7

Eurospital Tim McEwan

What is your background?

I am a ward doctor in a tertiary cancer centre. It is the fourth largest cancer centre in the UK so it can be quite busy at times.

What is the best thing about being a doctor?

Biscuits and cakes, especially on night shifts. 

What is your typical day?

We always start with a multidisciplinary team board round where all of our cancer inpatients are discussed before setting off on the ward round. Any new admissions need to be seen down in A&E during the day and then we attend the clinic in the afternoons.

Why are you playing in Eurospital?

It is the chance for honour and glory. I also want to add to my international caps.

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