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DEC 07/2016

Revalidation – an agency perspective

Revalidation has been one of the largest changes that nurses and midwives have experienced this year. As we come to the end of 2016 we reflect on how our agency nurses have found the support we have provided.

Revalidation ensures that nurses and midwives can demonstrate they practice safely, and that they adhere to and ‘live’ the standards of the Code. Figures from the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) show that up to the end of September, more than 110,000 nurses and midwives across the UK successfully revalidated. These figures are in line with the number of nurses and midwives who renewed their registration in previous years.

Challenge for agency nurses

Although revalidation is a great opportunity to develop new skills and demonstrate safe practice, it does pose a challenge for agency nurses who work with different teams in a variety of locations. Agency staff might not have regular appraisals where they are able to reflect and gain practice-related feedback. To help our registered nurses overcome this challenge, we offer a comprehensive revalidation service. 


What support do we provide?

Nurses have access to a range of resources including:

  • A revalidation portal full of handy guides, news articles and helpful links 
  • Revalidation workshops accredited by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and each worth six CPD points
  • A free RCNi portfolio account*
  • An online community ready to answer your questions
  • Support from our dedicated revalidation team. 

Our trained revalidation champions help nurses with their appraisal, reflective discussion and confirmation. Our Head of Clinical Services, Anne Anderson is a registered nurse and acts as the Confirmer for Medacs Healthcare. 

What have we found?

Our nurses have responded well to the new process. They have followed the guidance from the NMC, gathered their evidence and gained the required CPD points. 

The revalidation workshops have proved to be extremely popular, with over 150 people having attended the sessions. As the Confirmer doesn’t need to be a line manager, Anne has confirmed 32 nurses who have all gone on to effectively revalidate. 

The feedback has been very positive and you can read some of the wonderful comments below.

Revalidation workshops

“I didn’t have a clue what was needed for revalidation prior to this workshop.”

“I found it particularly useful to learn how to do a reflective discussion and writing.”

“One thing I will take away from the session is support, knowing I have someone to talk to.”

Confirmation meeting

“Thank you for the wonderful day I have had yesterday meeting you. It was a real pleasure and honour to have the opportunity to talk with you about my professional experiences as an agency nurse.” 

“Just a few words to say thank you for supporting me to complete my revalidation. I will admit that I had been very anxious prior to the meeting because I did not know what to expect. I feel agency work can be very isolating at times even when you are working with a team that you know quite well. I have to say that during the confirmation process you put me completely at ease and made me feel that my work was of some value. I learned valuable information about the revalidation process because as we discussed the workforce are still getting to grips with this. I enjoyed listening to your stories from clinical practice and it was nice to reflect on my own and receive constructive feedback. Anne it was a pleasure to meet you, thank you so much.”

Find out more

If you’ve been through the revalidation process, how have you found it? Share your experience by commenting below.

To find out more about the revalidation support we offer or to register with Medacs Healthcare, visit our agency nursing revalidation portal.  

*Terms and Conditions: You must be a registered nurses and have worked at least one shift with Medacs Healthcare to receive a free RCNi Portfolio account. If you do not work regular placements with Medacs Healthcare or if you decide to leave Medacs Healthcare, your account will be temporary disabled. The RCNi will send you an e-mail to ask if you would like to continue with the account by purchasing a monthly subscription.

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