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DEC 21/2016

Myth busting: compliance checks for locum doctors

Employment checks are an important part of the registration process when you join a new locum agency. Organisations can ask for a variety of documents to ensure that doctors are compliant and able to deliver the high quality of care needed for their patients. Although the process can sometimes seem overwhelming, we want to reassure you that it isn’t so we bust some of the top myths around compliance checks for locum doctors.

Myth 1: Joining a locum agency means I have to fill out a lot of forms. locum doctor compiance

As part of the NHS employment checks, all employers (including locum agencies) are required to carry out a series of pre-employment checks to ensure doctors meet the necessary requirements of the role. Therefore, you will be asked to provide evidence in a number of areas including:

  • Professional registration
  • Qualifications
  • Previous experience
  • Right to work
  • Identity. 

However, your agency will work closely with you to access these documents quickly and effectively, so you don’t have to fill out a lot of forms.  Don’t forget that your agency will use this evidence to prove that you are an excellent candidate which will enable you to choose from the best locum doctor jobs.  

Myth 2: Agencies don’t provide dedicated support.

Locum agencies like Medacs Healthcare assign a dedicated consultant to each candidate. A face-to-face meeting is arranged at a location convenient to you so that the consultant can find out more about you and your needs. We all know how it feels when we are sent a role which isn’t in the right location or doesn’t meet our criteria, which is why it is really important to get to know your consultant and tell them what you are looking for in your next position.  

Myth 3: I have heard it takes months before locum doctors can go out on their first shift.

If you provide the required information relatively quickly, the process can be as short as a couple of weeks. Work with your consultant to make sure you know exactly when the specific documents are required, but also don’t be afraid of asking for support when needed.

Myth 4: I worry that if I locum, I won’t get any support with my career progression and continuing professional development.

Working as a locum doctor doesn’t necessarily mean you will lose out on the support from your employer for your training or career development needs. Most locum agencies offer comprehensive support which includes mandatory training sessions and a range of interesting placements. 

At Medacs Healthcare, our aim is to provide our locum doctors with a market-leading level of career development support. Through our free locum membership programme, Medacs Academy, we currently offer over 30 CPD-accredited training courses a year and provide free access to a range of online learning resources, as well as discounts for conferences, medical apps and more.    

Our consultants will also work with you to find roles that offer experience in different sectors or specialties so you can broaden your portfolio and skills. And if you’re looking further afield, we are a truly global recruitment agency and can offer you opportunities to support your career progression in a wide range of locations from the Republic of Ireland, to the Middle East, Australasia, Singapore or even China. 

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If you are going through the registration process and have any questions or if you would like more information on our locum doctor jobs, please get in touch.

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Sources: NHS Employers, GMC

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