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FEB 16/2017

Is Life as a Locum Psychiatrist For You?

As a psychiatrist, you will no doubt already appreciate how rewarding your career can be. Working with patients to understand, maintain and improve their mental well-being often delivers an enormous sense of satisfaction.

But while attending to the health of your patients may be your passion, as a medical professional, you’re almost certainly looking for ways to improve your practice, and maybe even enhance your career. If this is the case, locum psychiatry may be a route to consider.

So, what factors make locum psychiatry so appealing? Here are three reasons why you should choose to become a locum psychiatrist.

1. You’ll receive the support you require from your psychiatry locum agency

Whilst psychiatrists are typically portrayed as working on a one to one basis with their patients, those in the know will be all too aware that this is merely the tip of the iceberg. As with many roles in the medical sector, psychiatrists require the help and support of their fellow healthcare professionals to complete their duties efficiently. But what if you require help when it comes to your career?

While co-workers may be able to offer recommendations, there’s only so much wisdom they can impart. Their advice will largely be based on their own experiences of the industry and may not take into account your needs as a psychiatrist.

Becoming a locum psychiatrist allows you to benefit from the guidance of professionals in the locum psychiatry jobs market. They can offer assistance on how to develop and make the most of your career. Their experience and expertise could help you find the work you have been searching for, leaving you free to enjoy your work and improve your practice.

As a member of the Medacs Healthcare family, you will receive the support you need from our dedicated Psychiatry team, allowing you to deliver outstanding care to your patients.

With over 50 years’ combined experience, our team’s specialist knowledge of locum psychiatry jobs is a highly valuable resource from which you can benefit. Engaging with your dedicated placement officer will arm you with the tools you need to take the next step in your career as you search for your perfect locum psychiatry job.

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2. Only work the shifts you want

One of the major advantages of being a locum psychiatrist is that you can choose when and where you want to work. Each role allows you flexibility and the ability to mould your career around your lifestyle, ensuring that you’re able to easily maintain a healthy work-life balance. This is, of course, an important factor as mental health becomes more prominent in society.

By working closely with your psychiatry locum agency, you will be able to manage your working hours, giving you more time to spend with family and friends. What’s more, if your circumstances change, you’ll be able to liaise with your agency to ensure you can pick up vacancies that work for you. 

At Medacs Healthcare, we offer an array of locum psychiatry jobs in a wide range of grades and specialties at both NHS trusts and private sector clients. We also have first sight of shifts across multiple NHS trusts in the UK. So, whether you prefer short or long-term vacancies, your dedicated placement officer will work with you closely to find the perfect locum psychiatry job to suit your skills and lifestyle.

In your pursuit of career nirvana, you may feel it necessary to take your practice overseas. If this is the case, we offer an exciting range of global opportunities, allowing you to expand your horizons in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and the Middle East.
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3. Enjoy an array of benefits and rewards

Feeling valued for the work you carry out is a sensation that takes some beating. And while the immense satisfaction you glean from working closely with your patients may be rewarding enough, it’s always nice to benefit from a few extra perks that accompany the role.

Working for a psychiatry locum agency is certainly a career path to tread if you enjoy feeling valued. From competitive pay rates to career support along with a wide choice of shifts and assistance with revalidation; these are the factors that provide the icing on top of any cake.

Of course, the amount of icing you receive on this metaphorical cake depends largely on which psychiatry locum agency you join.

As one of the UK’s leading locum agencies, we’re passionate about offering our locum psychiatrists a plethora of exciting benefits, and not simply seeing you as just a name on a database.

One of the major benefits of joining Medacs Healthcare is that you will have access to our Academy, a free membership programme for our locum doctors in the UK. As a member, you will receive an array of exclusive benefits, including access to free CPD training courses and our revalidation services.

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 We also offer a lucrative referral scheme which allows you to recommend a doctor in exchange for £500 (terms and conditions apply).

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Find out more

If you are interested in learning more about the exciting opportunities we offer locum psychiatrists, please contact our dedicated recruitment team via email or call 08003899055.

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