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SEP 08/2017

The Middle East embraces telemedicine

Advances in technology have made it easier for patients to access healthcare remotely, particularly those based in hard-to-reach locations. Recent innovations like telemedicine have also increased the opportunities available for doctors to gain experience and practice medicine in other countries, without leaving their current posts.

One of those exciting opportunities is in the Middle East where telemedicine is now being offered to patients in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Read on to find out more about how the process works.

Telemedicine helping to connect the world

How does telemedicine work?

In telemedicine, a video consultation platform is used and a live video chat takes place. Patients in the UAE sign up to the service and download an easy-to-use mobile application. Once registered, patients create a secure account which holds their health information. Patients can then access high-quality doctors in locations across the globe without any delay.

Medical conditions

Highly-qualified doctors are able to offer advice on any urgent but non-emergency conditions via video consultations, which allow them to quickly examine symptoms, diagnose conditions, and recommend treatment and medication. Doctors can provide immediate instructions and if necessary, they can refer patients to a specialist for further treatment or tests.

Benefits of telemedicine:

  • Delivering a high quality of care to a lot more patients, 

  • Reduced visits to GP surgeries and hospitals,

  • Patients can receive care for minor conditions at a time that is suitable for them,

  • It is easier to follow up with patients and improve engagement for hard-to-reach groups.

Licensing requirements

If you have family medicine experience and have a medical licence from the Health Authority Abu Dhabi, Dubai Health Authority or Ministry of Health, you can provide care to patients living in the UAE. 

If you don’t yet have your medical licence, we can apply on your behalf through our new speedy and hassle-free licensing service. We can complete the process in just eight weeks. Our licensing specialists take care of everything, from paying all the required fees to assistance with the regulatory licensing examinations. For more details, please click here

Find out more

To register your interest for the permanent telemedicine opportunities available in the UAE, visit this page or email our Middle East experts at

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