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SEP 08/2017

Why I moved to Qatar to be a paediatric nurse

iStock_000038610728_qatar_sml.jpgWith 15 years’ NHS and private sector experience, nine years of which were in the same role, Morelight decided it was time to embark upon a new and exciting challenge that would take her career in a whole new direction. She settled on moving to Qatar to join the Sidra Medical and Research Center, an ultramodern, all-digital academic hospital that’s setting new standards of patient care for women and children in Qatar, the Middle East and internationally. 

We recently met with Morelight to find out more about the process of moving to Qatar and what it’s like being a paediatric nurse in the Middle East.

What’s a typical workday like at Sidra? 

“A typical workday starts at 7am and finishes at 3pm, and that is including an hour’s break. The hospital itself is so beautiful you are never short of spaces to unwind.” 

How is being a healthcare professional in Qatar different to other places you’ve worked? 

“The work-life balance is very well emphasised. There is an active drive to ensure nurses have appropriate breaks and leave on time.”

What are the key benefits of living in Qatar? 

“The first thing that got me speechless was the accommodation, the apartment is so spacious and adequately furnished. I did not need to bring any furniture, linen, utensils, cutlery or anything else except clothing.”

What have you discovered since relocating to Qatar? Is there anything you were surprised about? 

“The amount of English-speaking people! All the local people try and make you feel welcome by speaking in English.”

Is there anything you wish you’d known beforehand? 

“The fact that the accommodation was furnished to hotel standard – I would have packed everything into storage and just brought my clothes!”

What support have you received from the hospital? 

“I have had support at every step of the way, from application to induction. All the visas, tickets and transport to and from the airport, including the first few days of work, was provided.  

“They also offered support with the licensing process for nurses and their families, and a preceptorship programme to help one understand the new environment and how it works. Colleagues are very willing to assist as most of them will identify with what one is going through.” 

And what support have you received from Medacs Healthcare in regards to your relocation?

“Medacs Healthcare held my hand from the beginning of the journey right through to welcoming me to my new home. I could email them anytime with my questions. They would always find out the answers for me and reassure me in a timely fashion. I found the whole experience very well organised.”

What would you tell other healthcare professionals thinking of relocating to Qatar? 

“I would say that it would be an adventure they will live to remember.”

Morelight 1.jpg

Are you interested in relocating to the Middle East? If so, feel free to email or visit our Middle East nursing and midwifery jobs page for more information. 

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