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OCT 17/2017

An opportunity to build something new and great

Qatar skyline
After working in NHS hospitals and universities for 30 years, one of our neonatologists has recently relocated to the Middle East to work with the world’s top medical professionals and be part of one of the newest medical facilities in the region.
The senior consultant is a member of the leadership team at the Sidra Medical and Research Center in Qatar which is a dynamic and ultra-modern facility, setting new standards in patient care for women and children. Find out about our doctor’s experience and why she decided to relocate to the Middle East.
Please provide some brief background information about yourself.
“I am a neonatologist with a passion to make a difference to the outcomes of babies. I have worked in the NHS and university setting for 30 years, with a four year period in Melbourne and six months in Switzerland.” 
Why were you interested in moving to the Middle East?
“Many of my friends have worked in the Middle East. Their stories of opportunities and interesting places and people helped to alleviate any concerns I might have of working in such an environment, especially as a woman. The opportunity of being present at the start of a new hospital and being able to build something great was a dream.” 
What do you think are the key benefits of living in the Middle East?
“Different challenges, different culture and a break from NHS austerity. It is an opportunity to build something new and great, working with top physicians and surgeons from around the world. No more tube strikes, commuting or cancelled trains.” 
What would you tell another doctor who is thinking of relocating to this region? 
“Talk to people working in the Middle East. Do your research and visit the place. Keep an open mind and a sense of humour.”
What support have you received from the hospital?
“I have received a huge amount of support from the hospital who have been extremely organised.” 
How helpful was your recruiter during the relocation process?
“My recruiter Karan Sehgal was truly excellent. He was very knowledgeable and always one step ahead of me in the process that lasted nine months. Karan was always helpful, always professional and always a pleasure to talk to.” 
How would you rate the support you received from Medacs Healthcare with your relocation to the Middle East?
“Super 10/10!”
Find out more
If you would like a chance to experience a new culture and work in a truly innovative healthcare facility, please email or visit our Middle East doctor jobs page for more information. 

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