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JUN 13/2018

Why There Has Never been a Better Time to Work in the UK as a Family Doctor

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This year, the NHS announced that it was going to be investing £2.4 billion a year into general practice from now until 2021. With this, the UK will be recruiting at least 2,000 qualified overseas doctors into GP practices. But the availability of GP jobs and money aren’t the only reasons why there’s never been a better time to work in the UK as a family doctor.

Family doctors have always been amongst the most respected professionals in the UK. Whilst this respect exists in most countries, in the UK it is especially the case. The NHS, celebrating its 70th birthday this year, is a much loved institution.

Offering healthcare that is free at the point of entry to all, it is an institution that almost everyone in the UK will vehemently defend. There have even been calls for an NHS specific tax so that it can continue to prosper. And family doctors are amongst the most loved staff in the NHS, especially as it is people like you who they have the closest relationship with.

As Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England recently stated:

"There is arguably no more important job in modern Britain than that of the family doctor. GPs are by far the largest branch of British medicine. A growing and ageing population, with complex health conditions, means that personal and population-orientated primary care is central to a country’s health system. As a recent BMJ headline put it, if general practice fails, the whole NHS fails.”


Family doctors in the UK have a rewarding, varied career that offers great flexibility. Because of this, it is easy to fit your job around your other commitments, whether that be family, friends or travel. Moving to the UK, you will be joining over 41,000 family doctors, many of whom have come from overseas.

The UK is one of the most diverse countries in the EU. And this upward trend towards increased diversity shows no signs of slowing, even following the Brexit referendum. Moving to the UK as a family doctor, you will have almost every type of location open to you.

Cultural Vibrancy

From vibrant cities like London and Manchester, to the coastal vistas of Brighton and Cornwall, to the beautiful nature of the Peak and Lake Districts, whatever cultural experience you are looking for, the UK has it. And with regular, affordable travel links to the rest of the world, the globe will seem like it’s right on your doorstep.

In the UK you will also be exposed to world-class culture and heritage. With much of our history and culture being open and free to the public, your time outside of the doctor’s office will be rich and exciting. From iconic art at the Tate Modern and National Gallery, to music that has travelled the globe, in the UK, you will experience the latest in cultural output first-hand — before anyone else on the planet!

The UK is regularly ranked as one of the best places to live, too. With the world’s fifth largest economy, it has major international political, scientific and cultural influence, and by moving to the UK to work as a family doctor, you can become a part of it.

Competitive Remuneration

But will you have enough money to experience all this culture and travel? Statistics show that you will have more than enough. The UK offers doctors the sixth highest salaries across the globe — above France, Switzerland and Denmark. When you factor in the flexibility that UK family doctors have in their job, the prospect of moving to these isles to work as a family doctor becomes even more attractive.

Whilst moving to the UK to work as a family doctor has always been a great prospect for doctors across the globe, with recent government investment, there has never been a better time to make the move. We don’t just value family doctors in the UK; they are the most respected people in the country. Move here, and you’ll be a much loved part of British society.

If you are a family doctor looking to move to the UK, please contact us today and one of our expert recruitment consultants will be in touch.

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About the Author

Having worked in Medical Recruitment in the UK for the past 14 years, Catherine Irwin is currently working with Medacs Healthcare on an exciting project to bring GPs into the UK for the NHS. Although qualified in Human Resources, Catherine has worked in many different teams including International, Perms, Locums and Managed Services across all staffing groups, both in the private sector and the NHS.

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