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SEP 14/2018

Sarah Palmer: I received care at home and wanted to give something back

“I’ve had a number of different care roles in the past, mostly within residential homes, but something never quite clicked and I often felt that something was missing.

Then, one day, my children asked me “what do you want to be when we are older”. It stopped me in my tracks, but in all honesty, I’d already been thinking about my next career move for some time. “A homecare worker”, I replied.”

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I wanted to give something back

“In 1995 I required support at home. My third child was delivered with Talipeze which meant that he was born with twisted legs and feet due to positioning and space available in the womb. His condition meant that we were visiting the hospital two to three times a week. I found that I was dedicating so much time to my youngest especially as I was breastfeeding, and didn’t have time to play with my other two children.

I was struggling and my health visitor could see it, so she organised a homecare assistant to help. Their support was so appreciated. They played with my two children, kept them entertained and prevented them from feeling ignored. I am so incredibly thankful for their help at such a challenging time, which is why I wanted to give something back and make others feel just as supported and comfortable in their own homes.”

Starting my homecare career

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“I had my first interview for a homecare worker role back in August 2008 and worked for a number of different companies until I joined Medacs Healthcare in December 2017.

You get to meet some amazing people – all unique. I have clients that have terrible arthritis, people with dementia and some clients that have been in accidents who need extra support. Although I always ensure that I provide the right level of care, it’s so important to be able to adapt to the situation as some people need more support emotionally and physically than others. There’s also often a requirement to be clearer with instructions or communication.

The role as a homecare worker is incredibly rewarding, but you need personality, compassion and dedication. Knowing that I have this and can make someone’s day puts so much warmth in my heart.”

Sarah Palmer - Bristol Care Worker

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