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SEP 26/2018

Karline Jones: Why I Decided to Get in to Care

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For those whose love of attending to the needs of others is second nature, care work is perhaps considered more of a destiny than a career choice. A path laden with so many emotionally rewarding scenarios is often too great to turn down.

For some, the sheer love and passion gained from improving the lives of others provide the necessary spark required to ignite their decision to become a care worker right at the start of their working lives.

For others, the pathway isn’t always as clear. The desire to pursue a career in care may only become apparent a little further down the road. That was the situation Karline found herself in. Now, she's found happiness in helping some of society’s most vulnerable people and it’s a career decision she’s glad she made.

We caught up with Karline, a highly valued member of the Medacs Healthcare family, to discuss what she thinks makes a great care worker and why she loves her role helping others.    

Becoming a care worker

“I made the decision to become a care worker in 2014 after working as a retail assistant for five years. My reason? Well, I have a bit of a soft spot for the elderly because of their vulnerability, but also because I wanted to be helpful to those who need someone to care for them with genuine love and respect.

"It upsets me to think that there are so many people living alone with no one around them who are unable to do such basic things in their own homes, like dressing and feeding themselves.”

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What makes a good care worker?

“To be a good care worker you must have a caring nature. I believe I fit that criteria.

"It’s not only about going into homes to wash, feed and dress the service users; it’s so much more than that. It’s about showing kindness, understanding and empathy.

"A lot of the service users that I visit are experiencing different emotions. Some are suffering from depression, bereavement and dementia. Others may be suffering from loneliness and past experiences from earlier life, but ultimately, they just want someone to talk to. As a care worker, we need to be able recognise the suffering and offer the support they need, even if it’s just listening and talking it through.

"If you can’t offer all of the above, then maybe a job in care isn’t for you. It’s certainly not an easy role.”

Why I love my job

“So many of our service users do not have any family. We are the only person that they see and the only person that can cheer them up.

"As for me, I look forward to waking up each and every day, ready to visit my service users. I know that I’m the only one that can make them comfortable, happy and put a smile on their face. I can tell that they look forward to seeing me too as I take the time to sit with them and listen to the problems that they are facing that day.

"I will always go that extra mile for my service users; after all, they’re my friends.”

Find out more

If you’re interested in making a difference in the lives of the elderly and vulnerable, why not join the Medacs Healthcare family? To find out more about the opportunities we offer in care, visit our dedicated Homecare page or complete the form below.

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