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NOV 29/2013

Expanded GP opening hours - a developing trend

More work could be created for GPs in the UK under new initiatives aimed at providing patients with access to services seven days a week.

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NOV 27/2013

Meeting the growing demand for midwives in the UK


The Department of Health will need to recruit more midwives over the coming years if a major staffing shortfall is to be avoided.

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NOV 25/2013

Antibiotic Resistance - A Game-Changer for NHS Organisations

Antibiotic resistance is a real and growing problem that will require everyone working within the NHS to make significant changes to the way they provide services.

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NOV 22/2013

Independent prescribing for physiotherapists - the full implications

The decision to hand physiotherapists and podiatrists independent prescribing powers earlier this year provided increased flexibility - but professionals need to be aware of the full implications of the move in order to take full advantage.

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NOV 01/2013

The Pros and Cons of Working in the UK for Indian Doctors

For Indian medical professionals, emigrating to the UK to seek out permanent doctor jobs is often considered to be an enticing career path, filled with potential opportunities for professional success and development. However, moving abroad and starting a new life in a foreign culture and language is always going to be a big decision, particularly when working in a field as complex, competitive and technically challenging as medicine.

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