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DEC 24/2013

An in-depth look at the 2014/15 GP contract

The new GP contract for 2014/15 will introduce a number of changes for British doctors, with the industry giving the arrangements a cautious welcome.

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DEC 23/2013

Preparing for the new model of pharmacy inspections

Pharmacy staff need to prepare themselves for new procedures and responsibilities under a new inspection system introduced by the General Pharmaceutical Council.


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DEC 20/2013

What is working at Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust really like?

The Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust may have attracted negative headlines recently, but the reality of working for the organisation is significantly different from the publicity, according to its current staff.

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DEC 16/2013

Taking the pressure off A&E departments: an NHS priority

The NHS is taking short and long-term measures to address the rising pressure faced by A&E departments nationwide.

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DEC 13/2013

The growing importance of mental health care

Staff in NHS psychiatry jobs are set to see the work they do gaining a higher level of focus and attention in the coming years as the government seeks to enhance the quality of care for mental health patients. 

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DEC 11/2013

How healthcare staff can help to ease the rising burden of dementia

Diagnosing and treating dementia is becoming a pressing priority for the NHS, one which healthcare staff can help to address.

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DEC 10/2013

A paperless NHS by 2018: an achievable target?

The government has committed plenty of resources to achieving its goal of a paperless NHS by 2018 - but is it on track to achieve this goal? 

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DEC 09/2013

Could working in the Middle East be right for you?

Working in the Middle East could offer a wide variety of benefits to medical professionals.

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