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JAN 31/2014

Where is demand for doctors and nurses strongest at the moment?

Trained staff applying for NHS jobs are likely to be seeing no end of competition for their expertise at the moment, as demand for skilled medical professionals across the country continues to increase.

At present, the NHS is undergoing a number of wide-reaching reforms that - combined with a growing need for maximum efficiency and better use of resources across the public sector - is making it more essential than ever that employers have access to the personnel necessary to provide the highest possible standard of service. 

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JAN 29/2014

How nurses can take charge of tackling workplace discrimination

Nurses are being encouraged by the Royal College of Nursing to take a proactive approach to tackling workplace discrimination.

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JAN 27/2014

What to expect from the new NHS language checks for foreign doctors

The government is introducing new checks to test the English language aptitude of foreign doctors - a fact that overseas professionals seeking NHS jobs need to be aware of.

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JAN 22/2014

Can physiotherapists play a greater role in NHS care?

Efforts to improve care for patients with long-term conditions could be aided by handing a greater role to physiotherapists.

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JAN 20/2014

Eating disorders; a growing problem for the NHS

Eating disorders and obesity are causing an increased burden on the NHS, making it more important than ever that appropriate measures are taken to tackle the problem.

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JAN 17/2014

Why the homecare sector is supporting the launch of Silver Line

The recent launch of the Silver Line telephone service for vulnerable older people has been hailed as a positive step forward for those receiving home care.

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