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FEB 27/2014

Pursuing a Career in Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can be a rewarding and exciting field of work in which to pursue a career - particularly at a time when the work of physiotherapists is becoming more valued than ever.

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FEB 26/2014

How the NHS is changing to provide better care for older people

Various changes are currently taking place across the NHS to improve the standard of care provided to older people - moves that will have a number of implications for staff.

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FEB 25/2014

New mental health crisis care improvement scheme announced

The government has announced details of a mental health crisis care improvement scheme involving the police, mental health trusts and paramedics.

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FEB 24/2014

How can NHS trusts improve their staff health and wellbeing policies?

NHS trusts across the country are currently working to put more comprehensive health and wellbeing policies in place for their staff, with a recent report highlighting areas in which progress has been made, as well as where further improvements are needed.

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FEB 21/2014

How the NHS is fighting to promote equality for staff and patients


A recent CQC report has highlighted the efforts being made to improve standards of equality within the NHS at the moment.

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FEB 20/2014

Integrated care: the new watchword in NHS planning

One of the key focuses for the Department of Health over the coming years is finding new ways of empowering NHS staff to improve on the high standard of care that they currently provide. It is widely recognised that the UK's medical workforce is among the finest in the world - but often, cultural and organisational barriers can result in inefficiencies, miscommunication and oversights that can impact on patient outcomes...

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FEB 05/2014

The importance of increased investment in respiratory nursing care

Creating more jobs for specialist nurses in the field of respiratory care could help to prevent the number of serious cases of lung diseases and breathing disorders in the UK each year.

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FEB 03/2014

Pharmacy's expanded role in public health: an accelerating trend

Pharmacists across the UK could be set to receive larger roles in the provision of care under new NHS restructuring plans.

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