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MAR 26/2014

How NHS professionals can help shape the UK Medical Innovation Bill

The new Medical Innovation Bill is currently up for consultation, giving doctors and nurses the opportunity to share their views on a piece of legislation that could change the way care is provided within the NHS.

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MAR 25/2014

How new safe medical staffing laws can improve NHS care

The NHS will soon see a shake-up of its operating structure and recruitment policies through the introduction of safe staffing laws that could pave the way for a number of changes. 

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MAR 24/2014

A review of the locum jobs market for physiotherapists

People looking for locum physio jobs in the UK at the moment may find now is one of the best times in recent memory in which to do so, with plenty of enticing and exciting opportunities available...

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MAR 21/2014

Preventing never events in the UK

The government is stepping up its efforts to prevent "never events" occurring in NHS surgery - and improved training and greater staffing levels could be the solution.

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MAR 19/2014

Are more GPs needed to meet growing patient demand?

GP recruitment efforts in the UK may need to be stepped up in the coming years as the NHS adjusts to the rising demand for community-based services among patients. General practice has always formed a crucial part of NHS care provision, often providing a valuable first point of contact between patients and the healthcare system, as well as offering personalised one-to-one care that is not always possible in busy hospitals...

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MAR 13/2014

A guide to becoming an occupational therapist

Occupational therapy is set to become an increasingly widely-utilised NHS service, which could lead more medical professionals to consider it as a specialism.

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MAR 11/2014

Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital Sparks A Revolution

Emergency doctors will get a possible first look at the future of NHS care when a groundbreaking new medical facility opens in Northumbria in 2015. The Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital is currently under construction in Cramlington and will be the first hospital in the country dedicated solely to providing emergency care every day of the week...

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