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APR 29/2014

Think Autism: what the new strategy means for medical staff

The government's Think Autism strategy is poised to change the way NHS medical professionals provide care for patients with autism spectrum disorders .

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APR 24/2014

Moving NHS care out of hospitals: a fundamental shift

The NHS is constantly undergoing various evolutions and operational changes to ensure patients can receive the best possible quality of care. However, there is little argument that current efforts to reform the health service signify some of the most dramatic changes since its inception. Of the many measures the Department of Health has enacted recently to alter the overall direction of the NHS, there are few that represent as much of a fundamental shift as the increased prioritisation of care provided outside of the hospital setting...

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APR 22/2014

Reducing avoidable harm and improving candour: a key NHS goal

The government is embarking on a number of projects aimed at improving safety standards within the NHS, which could have a big impact on current staff and new recruits alike.

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APR 17/2014

Breaking down the barriers to surgery jobs for women

Efforts are being made by organisations such as the Royal College of Surgeons to make it easier for women to succeed in surgical careers, though more progress is still needed.

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APR 16/2014

The case for increasing GP funding and staffing levels

Efforts to secure greater funding for general practice services in the UK could result in an upturn in recruitment in future.

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APR 11/2014

Creating more job opportunities for female GPs in the NHS

More and more women are joining the UK GP workforce, but more could be done to make this line of work more female-friendly.

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