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MAY 28/2014

How GPs are embracing innovative models to broaden access to care

GPs around the country are trialling new models of care with the aim of improving access to treatment for patients. 

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MAY 27/2014

Will New NHS Satisfaction Data Lead to Further Improvement?

A new public survey has revealed that satisfaction with NHS services remains generally high, but improvements need to be made in several areas, including A&E and social care.

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MAY 26/2014

Compassionate care: the new watchword for the NHS

New training measures and other reforms are coming into place to ensure NHS nurses are committed and able to provide compassionate care to patients.

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MAY 23/2014

Are NHS workers satisfied with their jobs and development prospects?

NHS staff are finding their jobs are becoming increasingly satisfying on a number of important levels, though areas for improvement still remain.

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MAY 22/2014

How can staff help to further improve hospital satisfaction rates?

Patient satisfaction rates at UK hospitals have improved in recent months, but more needs to be done to ensure all patients are receiving the highest possible standard of care.

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MAY 21/2014

Clinical commissioning groups: assessing their impact one year on

The new model of clinical commissioning groups have been in place for a year and have achieved a number of successes - but more progress is still needed.

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MAY 02/2014

Forensic medicine: a fascinating and rewarding career path

Forensic medical jobs can offer one of the most interesting career paths available to healthcare workers, providing all sorts of unique responsibilities and experiences. 

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