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JUN 27/2014

The ins and outs of being a mental health nurse

Getting into mental health nursing could be an ideal career choice, given the opportunities available and the growing importance of this field.

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JUN 26/2014

The new NHS safe staffing laws: how will they work?

The NHS is currently undergoing a major regulatory shift following the introduction of new safe staffing laws, meaning it is vital for all workers to be aware of the legislation's full implications.

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JUN 25/2014

How will the Care Act 2014 affect medical professionals?

The recently-passed Care Act 2014 will have a number of legal and operational implications, of which social care workers and occupational health specialists may need to be aware.

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JUN 12/2014

Careers in Hospital Pharmacy: A Guide

Hospital pharmacy jobs require a tremendous amount of skill and expertise, but can allow staff to play a crucial and irreplaceable role in the provision of care.

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JUN 02/2014

Growth in NHS jobs will have a positive impact on patient safety

The number of people working in the NHS has seen a rise in the last year, a trend that will have a positive impact on patient safety and service quality.

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