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JUL 29/2014

Sign Up to Safety: A guide to the new patient safety initiative

Healthcare organisations across the UK are being encouraged to take part in a new campaign called Sign Up to Safety, which aims to enhance the standard of care offered to NHS patients.

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JUL 28/2014

NICE's safe staffing plans for nursing care in wards

NICE has published guidance on safe staffing levels for nursing care in wards that NHS professionals would do well to become acquainted with as soon as possible.

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JUL 22/2014

Addressing the recent surge in demand for UK GPs

There is currently a shortage in the number of GPs in the UK, a trend that is leading to calls for increased recruitment efforts in the sector, as well as further reforms of general practice.

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JUL 18/2014

How will an ageing population alter responsibilities for NHS staff?

The increasing average age of the UK population will lead to significant changes in the way NHS care is delivered over the coming years.

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JUL 17/2014

How the government's new plans for expanded GP access will work

Incoming changes to general practice will see GPs taking on a wider range of responsibilities, putting them at the heart of NHS care.

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JUL 15/2014

How doctors can communicate more clearly with those in need

Doctors may need to look at new ways of communicating medical advice to patients more simply, according to new research.

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JUL 11/2014

Could smaller hospitals help to improve care standards in the NHS?

Smaller hospitals could have a bigger role to play in future NHS care, under new plans being considered by the government. 

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JUL 02/2014

Encouraging medical trainees to take up undersubscribed specialisms

Representatives of the medical industry have agreed that more needs to be done to ensure trainees take up underserved specialisms such as medicine, paediatrics and psychiatry. 

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