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AUG 29/2014

The rising demand for general expertise in the medical profession

Changing patient demographics are leading to a rise in demand for generalist working and acute medicine practitioners, according to a new study.

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AUG 28/2014

Patient activation pilot: improving treatment of long-term conditions

A new pilot scheme is being launched by NHS England that could unlock numerous benefits for GPs through the use of a new technique known as patient activation.


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AUG 19/2014

The Ebola outbreak: How nurses can prepare themselves

The current outbreak of the Ebola virus has been declared a global public health emergency and, although the UK is not at high risk, it is still necessary for nurses to make themselves aware of what steps they may need to take.

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AUG 05/2014

Out-of-hospital care for the elderly: a look at the new NHS strategy

New plans to improve out-of-hospital care for older people could create more jobs for home care workers, while ensuring elderly patients are treated better.

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AUG 01/2014

Rising demand for GP appointments: is a fresh wave of hiring needed?

Industry bodies are increasingly calling for a fresh wave of GP recruitment in order to meet the growing patient demands placed on general practice.


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