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OCT 30/2014

Enabling NHS organisations to become mutuals: a step forward?

A recent King's Fund report has suggested the NHS could benefit from allowing more organisations to become mutuals, helping frontline staff to become more engaged and play a greater role in decision-making.

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OCT 29/2014

How improved NHS procurement can result in service improvements

Recent research has acted as a reminder that medical staff can help improve the efficiency and sustainability of NHS services by paying more attention to purchasing and procurement issues.

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OCT 24/2014

New NICE guidance: the need for specialist mental health midwives

The publication of new NICE guidance on improving mental health care for new mothers has once again underlined the pressing need for more specialist mental health midwives to be hired within the NHS.

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OCT 15/2014

Can trainees and community care reduce pressure on acute services?

A greater use of medical trainees could help ease current pressures on acute care providers, according to a new industry report.

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OCT 10/2014

Should safe staffing laws be extended to physiotherapists?

Growing calls are emerging for safe staffing laws to be extended to the physiotherapy sector, with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy leading the movement.

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OCT 09/2014

Revised registration standards for UK Optometrists working in Australia

Optometrists who are seeking work in Australia could be better placed than ever to secure their dream jobs following a recent change to registration standards.

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OCT 07/2014

Do working time laws require a rethink for those in healthcare jobs?

A recent review into the impact of the European Working Time Directive on NHS professionals could lead to changes in the way doctors and nurses manage their time, particularly when it comes to training.

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OCT 03/2014

New NMC Registration Process for Overseas Nurses and Midwives

The process of securing NHS jobs for overseas nurses has undergone a significant change, with the launch of a revamped registration process by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). 

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OCT 02/2014

Overseas Recruitment - A Growing Trend in Nursing

Overseas nurses could find there are more job opportunities for them in the UK than ever, as demand for experienced healthcare professionals within the NHS continues to increase.

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OCT 01/2014

Ensuring older people have access to surgeries: how can the NHS help?

Surgical staff and managers need to do more to try and ensure older people are able to gain access to lifesaving surgery in the NHS, according to a recent report.

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