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DEC 24/2014

Looking into the new plans for better mental health care

New government plans to significantly revamp waiting time targets and standards for NHS mental health care could lead to new responsibilities for nursing staff.

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DEC 23/2014

Empowering NHS staff to tackle the obesity crisis

A number of new measures have been recommended to help staff tackle the growing healthcare issues posed by obesity within the NHS.

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DEC 17/2014

Improving the provision of emergency surgery jobs in the NHS

A new focus on recruitment could be introduced in the emergency surgery sector under proposals from the Royal College of Surgeons, which believes a new service structure is needed.

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DEC 16/2014

Is radical reform needed to give more prominence to NHS social care?

A leading thinktank has called for sweeping reforms involving the integration of the health and social care sector - shedding light on the changing structure of the NHS.

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DEC 12/2014

What can GPs do to avoid unnecessary referrals and appointments?

Recent reports have indicated that a large number of GP referrals and appointments may be unnecessary, leaving doctors to ponder a number of possibilities regarding what they can do to improve on this front.

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DEC 11/2014

The effect of winter pressures on the NHS

Seasonal changes can have a big impact on the NHS, putting it under strain if additional resources aren't provided.

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DEC 10/2014

Agency nursing – more than just a stepping stone

Many of our nurses and healthcare assistants (HCAs) study and take the decision to do part-time agency nursing work to supplement their income. We spoke to HCA Evelyn, who has been registered with Medacs Healthcare for a number of years, and has found the support and training provided invaluable to her career.

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DEC 04/2014

Agency nursing – a fresh start

Making the decision to go from full-time employment to agency work can be a daunting prospect, but at the same time it can unlock the perfect work/life balance. We spoke to Vicki, one of our agency workers who recently registered with Medacs Healthcare. She talks us through why she decided to register with Medacs Healthcare as an agency nurse, how the registration process was for her and how it has changed her life - literally.

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