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JAN 28/2015

Obesitys impact on the healthcare system

Obesity is having a significant impact on the UK's healthcare system and the global economy.

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JAN 27/2015

How dentists can safeguard against counterfeit tools

Counterfeit tools are becoming a growing problem for dental professionals, a new report has warned.

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JAN 21/2015

Physiotherapy Down Under: The Benefits of Working in Australia

With transferable and highly desirable skills, trained physiotherapists can work in practically every corner of the world. This article sets out the pros and cons of working in Australia and explains the process for physiotherapists interested in relocating down under. 

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JAN 20/2015

How GPs can safeguard the elderly

GPs have a key role in the community, especially where the long-term care of the elderly is concerned.


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JAN 11/2015

How trainee nurses can help alleviate pressures

At this time of year, with winter pressures putting a strain on all areas of the healthcare industry, all medical professionals are in high demand, with their expertise being most valuable during the colder months. However, some of the skills that are needed the most are those delivered by nurses. With comprehensive communication and people skills to complement their vast medical knowledge, nurses provide a vital service at this time of year, as well as throughout the warmer months...

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