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FEB 27/2015

Will strengthening alcohol policies tackle binge drinking?

Liver problems are a growing problem for people in the UK, but will strengthening guidelines solve this?

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FEB 26/2015

The many hats of an agency nurse

Being a nurse brings many demands, whether working through an agency or as a member of permanent staff. However, temporary workers don’t just have to work effectively as part of the team, but often have to work more effectively, juggling the needs of the patients with the requirements of the role in an unfamiliar setting.

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FEB 25/2015

What can locum doctors do to improve COPD treatment?

Treatment of patients with COPD is likely to change over the next few years, but how can locum doctors look to improve this?


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FEB 19/2015

Will better diagnostics have an impact on a locum doctors role?

Improved diagnostics could change the role of GPs and locum doctors in the future.

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FEB 04/2015

How doctors can safeguard against fatigue

It is common for doctors, whether experienced or newly qualified, to work longer shifts than they should, sometimes without a proper break, time to rest or to eat. This obviously has a detrimental impact on the wellbeing of the doctor but also has a very real effect on the level of patient care.

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