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OCT 21/2015

Could working in the United Arab Emirates be right for you?

With geographic boundaries becoming less of a barrier to employment than ever, many medical professionals are starting to look abroad for work opportunities and the Middle East is an increasingly popular destination. While previously this may have been considered an unconventional choice, it is now an extremely viable and attractive option with medical staff  flocking to the region. The United Arab Emirates is generally the most popular location, as in cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, expats are able to enjoy a more liberal lifestyle compared to other Middle Eastern areas. 

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OCT 12/2015

How the RCNi Portfolio can help you through Revalidation

If you have an existing RCNi subscription, it’s likely that you’re aware of the RCNi Portfolio and what it has to offer to nurses, but if not, here’s what makes it such a fantastic support tool.

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OCT 09/2015

Mental health in the media

Mass media is society's biggest source of information on mental health. We consider how mental illness is portrayed by the media.

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OCT 08/2015

Infographic: Facts Surrounding Mental Health

Mental health – what is it? How common is it? What can be classed as a mental health disorder? What symptoms can cause mental health issues?  How does it affect health care providers?

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