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MAY 28/2019

Healthcare Professionals: What are my Rights to Holiday Pay as an Agency or Locum Worker?

Are you a healthcare professional with questions regarding holiday pay? Discover the information you need to know on the subject of holiday pay for agency workers.

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MAY 24/2019

Healthcare Professionals: How Do I Find Out if Iā€™m Inside or Outside IR35?

Am I inside IR35? Or am I outside IR35? With our guide, we aim to clear up the confusion for agency nurses and locum doctors and solve the issues surrounding IR35 status.

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MAY 22/2019

Agency Nursing Pay Rates: Update with Medacs Healthcare Director of Staffing

Are you an agency nurse with questions regarding pay rates? Discover more about the ins and outs of agency nursing pay rates as we speak with Trish Davidson, Medacs Healthcare's Operations Director of Specialist Staffing.

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MAY 20/2019

Healthcare Professionals: How to Set up a Limited Company in Six Steps

As an agency nurse or locum doctor, setting up a limited company is one of the most tax-efficient formats for carrying out work. Learn how to set up a limited company in six steps.

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MAY 18/2019

Healthcare Professionals: How to Search for a Reputable Umbrella Company

As an agency nurse or locum doctor, finding a reputable umbrella company to suit your needs can be difficult. But with our three-step guide, we make finding the right umbrella company a little easier.

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MAY 16/2019

Changes to IELTS ā€“ How NMC Rule Changes to IELTS Writing are Good News for International Nurses

Did you know that scoring 6.5 in IELTS writing is now accepted by the NMC? Find out about the latest IELTS rules change and how an IELTS 6.5 score could be good news for international nurses.

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MAY 15/2019

Healthcare Professionals: What are the Risks of Using a Non-Reputable Umbrella Company?

Working for a non-reputable umbrella company could mean you are missing out on tax and National Insurance contributions. So what are the risks?

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MAY 13/2019

A Day in the Life of a Locum Hospital Pharmacist

Life for a locum hospital pharmacist might sound straight-forward, but there’s a lot more to this role. Find out what a day in the life of a locum hospital pharmacist is really like…

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MAY 09/2019

What to Expect from a Career in Locum Hospital Pharmacy

A locum hospital pharmacist’s role might sound similar to other pharmacy settings, but there are marked differences. We interview a UK locum hospital pharmacist to see what to expect...

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