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JUL 31/2019

Nurse Career Progression: How Agency Nursing Supported My Career Development to ANP

Are you interested in progressing your career as a nurse? Find out how one Medacs Healthcare nurse benefited from joining a nursing agency. 

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JUL 22/2019

Agency Nursing as a Career: An Interview with an Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Considering joining a nursing agency full time? We speak to advanced nurse practitioner Fazal Wahid about why he chose to become a career agency nurse and what support he received…  

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JUL 19/2019

Which is the Best Nursing Agency to Work for?

Which is the best nursing agency to work for? From support to pay rates, find out what you should look out for when it comes to determining which is the best nursing agency in the UK.

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JUL 02/2019

The Responsibilities of a Clinical Lead in Occupational Health

What are the responsibilities of a Clinical Lead in Occupational Health? Learn more about this fascinating role with Liz Collins, Medacs Healthcare's Clinical Lead of Occupational Health. 

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