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NOV 23/2020

Philippines Recruitment Ban Lifted

On Saturday the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte officially ended travel restrictions for Filipino healthcare workers, allowing the NHS to restart recruiting from the region. 

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NOV 19/2020

In The Spotlight: Your Mental Health and Wellbeing with The Joyful Doctor

Exposure to stress, anxiety and trauma has never been more widespread during the Covid-19 pandemic, we spoke with Dr Caroline Walker and Dr Katya Miles from The Joyful Doctor  to discuss how you can take care of your mental health and wellbeing during the pandemic. 

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NOV 17/2020

Protecting BME and at-risk workers

Medacs Healthcare’s non-discriminatory risk assessment approach considered to be ‘best practice’ in COVID-19 protection for vulnerable NHS workers.    Following research and concerns raised by agency workers, government and public health have reiterated that agencies must conduct robust risk assessments for vulnerable workers, particularly staff from black and minority ethnic backgrounds (BME)...

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